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Pickle Pizzas: Kind of a Big Dill

Mar 22, 2019

Dill With It

Move over pineapple, pizza has a new topping available for the culinarily curious and bold – pickles! From March 18 to June 2 2019, Topper’s Pizza will be offering two unique pizzas with pickles that will tantalize the taste buds and satisfy hidden cravings. The first is the Pickle with Pepperoni – which has cheddar chipotle sauce, red onion, bacon, pepperoni and, of course, pickles. However, true pickle aficionados will be delighted by the Pickle with Swirl of House Dip – with a garlic butter base, mozzarella cheese, garlic & herb seasoning, double pickles and a swirl of our Famous House Dip.

The demand for these pizzas was recognised in April of 2018 when a local radio station in Sudbury, ON (HOT 93.5) - and their following - asked Topper’s Pizza to make a Pickle Pizza for them for a segment. Topper’s made their dream a reality and delivered what was then cheekily called by fans “The Pickasso”. As soon as listeners, and viewers of the Facebook live stream, were exposed to this delectable experiment Topper’s began to receive calls from customers demanding to try the pickle pizza.

Fast forward to March 2019 and customers are once again drooling over the idea of pickles on pizza. On launch day Topper’s posted a quick video of both pizzas on their social media that was seen by over 20,000 in the first 12 hours. Even before the official launch, customers that saw teaser images of the pizzas flocked to their local Topper’s Pizza to try them. One early tester commented, “I don’t even like pickles, but I love these pizzas.” It’s clear that pickle pizza is a pretty big DILL. Try them before they’re gone!