Thank you for continuing to let Topper’s be part of your family’s pizza traditions during this time. 

We have stringent health & safety procedures in place and have implemented new measures to keep our customers and employees protected during Covid-19.

Continued Elevation of Staff Training and Communication

We update our chain-wide training regularly to include information on Covid-19, new policies and procedures.

Tamper Proof stickers, Sanitization and Hand Washing

We are following all local, Provinical & Federal health & govenment recommendations.  All our packaging is sealed with tamper-proof stickers.  Proper sanitization and hand washing are always an important part of our procedures. With Covid-19, we have further increased sanitization of all contact surfaces and entranceways and reinforced proper hand-washing procedures for all pizzeria staff, a minimum every 30 minutes.

Recommended sanitary procedures for delivery drivers including providing cleaning and sanitizing measures for pizza delivery before, during and after deliveries.

Social Distancing and Personal Protective Equipment

We have introduced the following protective measures for the safety of our pizzeria employees and customers: - -

  • Personal Protective Equipment for pizzeria teams
  • Contact-less Delivery on all pre-paid orders through our App
  • Closed all seating areas
  • Limited the number of customers picking up pizza in our pizzerias
  • Installation of protective barriers on our front counters and floor markers indicating social distancing positions for customers to line-up
  • Recommending cashless payment with debit and credit on all pickup orders